Understanding and unleashing the possibilities of AI, machine learning, robotics and Big Data will become the differentiator between business success and failure - those who fail to adapt will be left behind.

With over 50 years’ experience and expertise, Accountancy Age is proud to bring you Accountancy Age Transform (AA Transform) - our next generation networking and learning exchange to bring accountancy into the new decade.

Through the introduction of new technology and software, the profession is undergoing a paradigm shift between old and new. For accountancy, 2020 marks the start of a new chapter where both clients, practices and businesses alike will expect more from the profession and are faced with unprecedented challenges to productivity and profitability.

As the profession begins to benefit from broader business transformation, proactive leaders will be at the helm, navigating their business as they strive to utilise new accounting software and technologies to drive forward new client opportunities.

The accountant of the future will demonstrate their added value as part of their business' digital transformation journey, navigating their company through the changes.

Representing an exclusive community of the most senior accountants in the UK, AA Transform presents a unique opportunity for our senior audience to network, collaborate and solve their most pertinent business challenges to survive and thrive in the new decade of business!

Whatever your focus, whether it be how to best implement exponential technology with the least amount of disruption, how to deliver more value to your clients and practice or how to lead your team to success – AA Transform will help you navigate your digital journey!

At the heart of AA Transform lies a foundational emphasis on the rise and successful implementation of exponential technologies such as AI, robotics, machine learning and blockchain. It will ensure that, regardless of where you are on your digital transformation journey and size of your budget, you will gain exclusive access to the digital insights, practical knowledge exchange and executive networking required to future proof your function, prepare for industry transformations and stay relevant in the future of accountancy. 

Centred around curating meaningful conversation around vital industry issues, each event will bring together accountants who are seeking change and are ready to dynamically engage in the future of accountancy.